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dc.contributor.author Радзієвський, Віталій Олександрович
dc.date.accessioned 2021-09-13T10:45:32Z
dc.date.available 2021-09-13T10:45:32Z
dc.date.issued 2010
dc.identifier.citation Радзієвський В. О. Народна фітокультура в ритуальності Київської Русі [Текст] : автореф. дис. ... канд. культурології : Спец. 26.00.01 - "Теорія й історія культури" / Віталій Олександрович Радзієвський ; Київ. нац. ун-т культури і мистецтв. — К., 2010. — 20 с. uk_UA
dc.identifier.uri http://elib.nakkkim.edu.ua/handle/123456789/3358
dc.description The thesis is devoted to the study of folk phytoculture as the part of Kyiv Rus culture. The goal of the research is to reveal the significance of folk phytoculture in rituals of Kyiv Rus. The definition of phytoculture is given, the main meanings of the notion of phytoculture are revealed, the main directions in the study of phytoculture are determined, its main elements (e.g. herb science, plant food) are singled out, the calendar rituality of the inhabitants of Kyiv Rus are described. In the paper phytoculture (“phyto” – Greek “plant”) is viewed as the integral part of culture in general. Phytoculture is defined according to the two main meanings: a narrow one and a wide one. Following the narrow meaning, phytoculture is everything from the plant kingdom that is tightly related to the daily life, particularly phytonourishment and phytotreatment. In accordance with a wide meaning, it is the whole complex of interrelations of plants, the images of plants, and people in the course of the cultural and historical development, in human beings’ vital activities, starting with everything they occur on a daily basis (everyday plant food) and finishing with the unique (the role of wreath in marriage or in funeral ceremonies). In the research the cultural phenomenon of phytoculure is interpreted as the set of all polyvariant manifestations of culture related to the plant world, including the science of herbs and the preparation of plant food. Phytoculture is the part of culture, it is the usage of plants as the culture formation factor of society development, it is the process and the result of the folk activities with plants. It is known that even in primitive societies, people played their role in shaping the phytoculture: they chose the right time for gathering plants, picked them up according to some rituals, as well as handled, dried, and prepared them. The culture of raising and storing of plants was slowly advancing. It is underlined that the development of phytoculture of the inhabitants of Kyiv Rus was shaped under the influence of paganism and Christianity. The phytoculture of Kyiv Rus and its main elements are analysed, some species of plants are described, the leading scientists related to phytoculture are mentioned. For the first time the analysis of material allows to single out the following directions in phytoculture: culturological, historical, philosophical, pedagogical, agrarian, medical, etc. Phytoculture is the new line of investigation in culturology and is one of the most actual and topical issues for research in the Ukrainian Humanities. It is proved that the main specificity of folk phytoculture in Kyiv Rus lies in its being integral part of the folk life since phytoculture is the part of culture and life of the inhabitants of Kyiv Rus, and without plants it would be impossible to describle their way of living. The chronology of using plants during the prince period of Rus-Ukraine is suggested. The science of plants culture and the plant nourishment is comprehended in the context of Kyiv Rus life. The influence of plant world on the rituality and the further understanding of people’s calendar and festivals are given.The idea about the dialectal unity of two main subcultures in the culture of Kyiv Rus: the elite (official, “upper”) culture and the people’s (common) culture is forwarded. In the thesis the ritual is defined as the original form of ceremony which should be studied under the concrete historical and cultural conditions. During the ancient times, and Kyiv Rus time in particular, it is logical to differentiate and to underline the sacral constituent in rituals, and it is worth to mention that in our deconsecration period this sacral constituent often occupies the significant place. Rituality is a derivative from rituals and is understood as the peculiar set of rituals. The in-depth study on the basis of the research-proven data allows to deeper understand the science of plants, plant food, and to better comprehend the role of plants in the festivals of calendar cycle of Kyiv Rus in the context of phytoculture. It contributes to a more profound study of the values, practiced by the inhabitants of Kyiv Rus. The data given in the research proves that the prominent role in the rituals of Kyiv Rus is played by the plants, as well as by people phytoculture of the inhabitants of Kyiv Rus. uk_UA
dc.description.abstract Дисертацію присвячено розгляду народної фітокультури як складової культури Київської Русі. Метою роботи є з’ясування значення народної фі-токультури в ритуалах Київської Русі. Для її досягнення визначено ступінь наукової розробки теми на основі аналізу джерел та історіографії, запропо-новано дефініцію та розкрито значення поняття «фітокультура», виокремле-но головні напрямки вивчення фітокультури, її основні елементи, відображе-ні в травознавстві, фітохарчуванні й календарній ритуальності давньоруської народності, окремі види рослин. Підкреслюється, що фітокультура в Київсь-кій Русі розвивалася під впливом ритуальності язичництва та християнства. Дослідження на базі науково обґрунтованих даних дало змогу краще усві-домити травознавство й фітохарчування, з’ясувати роль рослин у святах ка-лендарного циклу в контексті фітокультури. Це сприяє глибшому вивченню духовних цінностей, які сповідували східні слов’яни. uk_UA
dc.language.iso uk_UA uk_UA
dc.publisher Київський національний університет культури і мистецтв uk_UA
dc.subject народна фітокультура uk_UA
dc.subject фітокультура uk_UA
dc.subject ритуальність uk_UA
dc.subject ритуал uk_UA
dc.subject обряд uk_UA
dc.subject культура uk_UA
dc.subject Київська Русь uk_UA
dc.title.alternative Folk phytoculture in the rituality of Kyiv Rus uk_UA
dc.type Other uk_UA

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