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dc.contributor.author Остапенко, Лариса Вікторівна
dc.date.accessioned 2021-08-17T08:56:04Z
dc.date.available 2021-08-17T08:56:04Z
dc.date.issued 1999
dc.identifier.citation Остапенко Л. В. Розвиток творчих якостей у студентів-хормейстерів засобами української духовної хорової музики : автореф. дис. на здобуття наук. ступ. канд. пед. наук : спец. 13.00.02 "Теорія та методика навчання музики і музичного виховання" / Лариса Вікторівна Остапенко ; Київ. нац. ун-т культури і мистецтв. К., 1999. 20 с. uk_UA
dc.identifier.uri http://elib.nakkkim.edu.ua/handle/123456789/3217
dc.description In the research the theoretical analysis of the development of students-choir directors creative qualities by means of the Ukrainian spiritual choral music as a scientific problem is done; the methodological concepts in investigations of the native and foreign scientific schools are substantiated. The inter-disciplinary nature of the problem is determined as well as the necessity to integrate different researches, and moreover to maintain the researching algorithm as from general to partial, from general methodology - to elaboration of the concrete researching programme. In the dissertation the principal and conceptual positions of philosophical, psychological, pedagogical and musical studies are taken into consideration: the social essence and content of creativity are discovered, the approaches onto the understanding of the creativity phenomenon are cleared up and grouped, the concept of “creativity” , which is investigated in two principal directions - processional and personal - is substantiated. The terms “creativity”, “creative activity”, “creative and artistic activity” are analysed as components within the problem of “creative qualities”. The indivisible component for the development of creative qualities of a person are: spiritual, values-oriented, aesthetic, moral, artistic - creative are integrated into a system of choir directors professional training by means of Ukrainian spiritual choral music. The following components are synthesized: musical abilities, musical memory, musical hearing, musical thinking, tempometrorythm, which are determined as integral qualities of a person. The retrospective analysis of Ukrainian spiritual choral music is represented, its specificity is underlined, the influence of spiritual music to education, up-bringing of the creative personality, development of individual creative qualities is actualized. Comprehension of the historical tendencies of spiritual choral music in Ukraine as the process of establishing the specific kind of choral singing promoted new understanding of national values, which are accumulated in this kind of art. In such aspect Ukrainian spiritual choral music is considered as a method of cognitive activity, as a certain type of of social and information system, which has a multifunctional character of inter-subjective interaction, directs the person on mastering the prior human and artistic values, and is directed on activating of his creative potential. The perception, understanding and comprehension of spiritual choral music by the Ukrainian composers’ school act as the important factor of educating, intellectual and moral skills within the artistic and creative activities of the future choir director. In thea research the complex of creative qualities of the person within the structure of choir director activity is determined: values-oriented, motivational and cognitive, information-oriented, research, communicative, emotional and willed, artistic and creative. Due to results of stating experiment the most characteristic defaults in the musical professional training of the choir directors are determined. Three levels in the up-bringing of personal creative qualities in a structure of choir director activity (high, middle, low) are determined and characterized. The technique of forming experiment was based on the pedagogical conditions previously determined (stepping, variations of forms, actualization of the acquired knowledge in musical theory, pedagogical interaction on the basis of dialogue, engaging into dialogue, independent work of students), and on putting into the educational process perceptional and sensory, conceptual and logic, problem-solving and estimating tasks, and also individualization and differentiation of trainind. The realization of the tasks has provided the manifestation of a complex of creative qualities: alternativity, problem-solving, integrativity, non-standard thinking, activity, independence, flexibility of thinking and creative imagination, fantasy etc. The analysis of the research results has shown positive modifications in the development of choir directors creative qualities in the experimental group of students and their increased interest to a spiritual choral inheritance of Ukrainian composers. The research has shown, that at an starting pedagogical level the experimental and control groups also had little if any essential difference in a degree of creative qualities up-bringing, as far as low and average levels dominated there. On an intermediate pedagogical shear the modifications in experimental group are essentially traced, in control group they were insignificant. On a final stage the dynamic in the development of creative qualities in experimental group is determined more on a high level, than on middle one. At the same time low level is not fixed. In the control group modifications took place, but in a sequence from low up to middle level and in non-sufficient amount - up to a highest level. The quantitative parameters have confirmed the efficiency of the technique, developed by the author, of up-bringing the creative qualities of prospective choir directors by means of Ukrainian spiritual choral music. On the basis of the executed research the conclusions are made. uk_UA
dc.description.abstract В дисертації розглядається проблема розвитку творчих якостей у майбутніх хормейстерів на основі продуктивного використання української духовної хорової музики. Здійснено теоретичний аналіз досліджуваної проблеми в науковій літературі, надано ретроспективний аналіз розвитку української духовної хорової музики й визначена її значущість для розвитку творчих якостей у студентів-хормейстерів, визначено комплекс творчих якостей особистості в структурі діяльності хормейстера. Розроблена та експериментально апробувана методика розвитку творчих якостей у майбутніх хормейстерів засобами української духовної хорової музики та визначена ефективність здійсненого дослідження. Доведена важливість здобутих даних для подальшого розвитку музичної педагогічної теорії та практики. uk_UA
dc.language.iso uk_UA uk_UA
dc.publisher Київський національний університет культури і мистецтв uk_UA
dc.subject творчі якості uk_UA
dc.subject студенти-хормейстери uk_UA
dc.subject українська духовна хорова музика uk_UA
dc.subject духовна хорова музика uk_UA
dc.subject хорова музика uk_UA
dc.subject хормейстер uk_UA
dc.subject духовна культура України uk_UA
dc.subject творчі якості хормейстера uk_UA
dc.subject творча особистість uk_UA
dc.subject художньо-творча діяльність uk_UA
dc.subject структура діяльності хормейстера uk_UA
dc.subject педагогічні умови uk_UA
dc.title.alternative The development of students-choir directors creative qualities by means of the Ukrainian spiritual choral music uk_UA
dc.type Other uk_UA

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